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Wednesday, February 01, 2023
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Business IT Outsourcing

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Instantly Save Money Outsourcing All or Part of your IT Management and Staffing

At  BquickPcRepair we believe that computers, servers and networks should never fail, yes that means never. We proactively monitor and fix small issues on your computer network before they become an issue. Most of the time you will never know there was a problem. It is our goal that your business processes are never interupted by a computer related technical issue. Technology should be an advantage: running along in the background, allowing you to accomplish what you need to run your business, using fewer resources not more. In today’s current economy doing more with less is required not optional, don't let the IT stuff slip by the way side and it is not something you can skimp on..                                           


Our  business to business rate can be as low as $75.00 per hour. We can customize your rate plan with a block of hours pre paid agreement.. Contact us at (919)728-0618 for more details.

Unfortunately it is a fact that computers, servers and networks break, slow down and become outdated. It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN your office computers will disappoint and frustrate you. Often they will breakdown at the most inconvenient times, costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Calculating the lost productivity is not hard…time is money and you would be surprise to know how much when you sit down and figure it out. That's where Bquick comes in.

BquickPcRepair Can Help

We keep office working for you and not the opposite. We backup your computers, servers and information so it is safe in case of hardware failure. We also monitor computers and networks so they are secure from unwanted hackers and viruses. For an online quote of our managed IT services please visit our online quote page here.

When you outsource your IT services to  BquickPcRepair you get:
•Increased productivity: Do more with less
•Certified Expert Consultants:Plan your office framework.
•More automated processes: When your technology is reliable you can automate more processes.
•Protect everything you’ve worked for: We backup and secure your computers, servers, networks and information.
•Peace of mind: We provide onsite or remote support when you do have a problem.

Why outsourcing your IT management to  BquickPcRepair works:

Today’s technical work environment is diverse. One or two in-house computer support staff cannot always handle the demands of email support, software application support, server support, network support, software migrations, information backups, and more.

That is why outsourcing all or part of your IT services makes sense. We save you money by providing you with a diverse pool of certified experts when you need them and not when you don't like a full time guy sitting around.  Turn your IT road blocks into little blips on the radar and get back to the business part of things.


Call us today at 919-728-0618. You will receive a FREE no obligation estimate of our services and packages. For an online quote of our managed IT services please visit our online quote page here.