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Wednesday, February 01, 2023
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Business PC Repair

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Raleigh Business Computer Services

business PC Repair

BquickPcRepair is the local company to call for business computer repair in Raleigh! We genuinely specialize in slow business computer PC issues, resolve business computer virus problems, business computer software configuration issues or installs and many other issues.

Our  business to business rate can be as low as $75.00 per hour. We can customize your rate plan with a block of hours pre paid agreement.. Contact us at (919)728-0618 for more details.

When your computer is down, your company is down! We understand that because we are a small business too.
When your company is offline, you're not making any money. Our Raleigh business computer repair service is geared towards getting you back up and running as soon as possible. With experienced techs available for onsite computer repair throughout the Raleigh Triangle area, our goal is to be in your office within 2 hours of your business computer service request. We frequently can be on site within an hour under critical conditions to start resolving your computer issue (if you have a maintenance agreement with us)

Business Computer Repair when YOU need it

Not everyone works on an 8-5 schedule and we recognize that and make ourselves available for our business customers. BquickPcRepair is available from 9 am until 6 pm as our standard schedule. Should you need business computer repair service outside of those areas, including nights, early mornings, weekends or holidays, we are available by appointment for a minimum 2 hour call. Our phones are set up so that someone will pickup, if we are on the phone and you need to leave a message, We check our messages regularly and will get back to you promptly. If you have a crisis, call us.

Raleigh Business Computer Service that fits BquickPcRepair can perform the work either as an onsite Raleigh business computer repair at your place of business, or do the work off premises in our Wake Forest computer repair shop or our new Brier Creek shop (not open to the public). We repair business computers the right way the first time, every time. Guaranteed!

Computers slow down over time, its just a known fact. Thankfully, we have experience fixing them all. BquickPcRepair normally goes through a standard procedure to fix slow computer issues for our Raleigh small business computer customers. Keep in mind there may only be one major issue causing the slow computer, we feel that providing a thorough standard computer service call will ensure that fixing one problem only doesn't end up in another service call next week to fix another. We're a small business ourselves and we do business the way we wish all of OUR providers would do business with us. The right way the first time. Every time, Guaranteed.

Business Computer Service includes

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  • Clean up all the trash\internet debris that has accumulated on your PC over time just from general use.
  • Scan for computer virus activity and malware. If any traces are found, then we aggressively remove them and make sure they are removed clean so you don't get them back in a few days.
  • Fix registry errors
  • Apply all software updates including Windows updates (OS Updates), helper application updates
  • Update drivers where needed - making sure they are the most current as well.
  • Check for valid antivirus programs and install FREE antivirus if needed
  • Remove programs that bog down the system and autolaunch and on startup
  • Clean computer hard drive (defrag to you old timers)
  • Optimize computer startup programs for faster computer startup

When you get your business computer service done through BquickPcRepair, either as an onsite computer repair or in our repair shop, when you get your business computer back - it's going to be running as well as it possibly can and quite possibly better than when it was new. Many many times we are asked "Do we need to buy a new computer?" - usually just because they think their business computer is just too slow. The answer is 80% of the time, no. Let BquickPcRepair fix your business computer and show you how good your computer REALLY is! If we determine you really DO need a new computer, we'll let you know before the repairs are performed. We can also provide you a replacement at a significant discount vs retail thru our three suppliers. Our focus IS you.

Business computers have different requirements than home PC's. While the basic needs are the same, business computers are usually on networks and require more intricate file sharing and security setups, need to be able to communicate or see each other over the wire. We have been helping small business PC users set these features up and even telling them how to use the equipment they already have to me more productive. Working smarter and not harder. You would be amazed at what your computer and existing software can do. We explain this in plain english and not techie babble. You don't need all the ins and outs just how to I get it done and done fast and done right.

Additionally, business computers rely on their network. And BquickPcRepair has been helping Raleigh customers with their computer network needs also since 2001. We are experienced in router configurations firewall configuration, DNS server setups, DHCP setups and configurations - everything that is required to get your business computers talking like they should.

Call BquickPcRepair at 919-728-0618 for immediate service or if you just have a question you think we can help you with.