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Wednesday, February 01, 2023
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Visa and Master Card Accepted Here

Average Time Estimates

Our rate is as low as $50 per hr. That sounds great, but how long does it take to do things?

  1. Hard drive install (30 minutes)
  2. Spyware \ Malware Removal (our specialty) (180 minutes)
  3. Virus Removal (180 minutes)
  4. Hard Drive Format & Rebuild  (120 minutes)
  5. OS reinstallation & data restore (90 minutes)
  6. PC Optimization service (60 minutes)
  7. New PC Transfer - (60 minutes)
  8. Cell Phone Repairs - (90 minutes)
  9. General Service\Part Repair\Upgrade (60 min)

If necessary, we can remotely view and control your PC from our office (with your permission) to perform repairs or demonstrate computer procedures.

Unless otherwise specified, payment is due only after we satisfactorily fix your problem or provide the tutoring or solution you need. For an estimate, please contact us.


Brands we Service

Brand we Service

Brands we Service

Brands we Service

Brands we Service