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Wednesday, February 01, 2023
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Custom Computers is how we got our start, from the humble beginnings of building a PC for friend here and there...

Bquick's Custom mantra is two-fold:
Firstly, every one of our machine is 100% custom-made with no proprietary parts using only the latest generation technology. Every talked-about component can be found, and if you do not find what you’re looking for then let us know and we will get it for you.

Second, every single machine receives individual approach as far as configuration is concerned. Even before a purchase is made, the configuration gets evaluated by a dedicated technician in order to ensure purpose perfectly for the money.

Meaning that if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll get it; if you are not sure what’s the best machine for you, we do the configuration and balancing for you! In the end, we strive to delight every time, be it an techie geek or a first-time PC buyer.

Intel or AMDCustom PC Builds by Bquick PC Repair

Whether you prefer Intel or AMD, we have every or can get every conceivable valid configuration available for each platform. From cost-efficient custom desktop systems that are budget friendly to performance gaming machines to hardcore and extreme gaming rigs and workstations, we have every platform available.

Similarly, we offer both NVIDIA and ATI Radeon graphics solutions.

We do not have products of a single manufacturer because we have a contract or discount with them. Actually, we offer products by the company that did the best job building the product for a certain category.

Perfectly Balanced Systems
Unlike some of other custom computer integrators, we do not design our systems according to what we want to sell - we design them according to what’s the best buy for each customer in each category. How you use a PC and what you use it for dictates what you need.  We take the time to understand what you need and don't oversell you along the way. Absolutely all components of our systems are chosen to suit their specific intended usages. No matter the system chosen, you can be sure that it will not have bottlenecks or unused power - this means that none of the components will be too fast or too slow for the rest of the configuration.

Computer TestingCustom PC Builds by Bquick PC Repair

Rigorous Testing Process
During this process, every aspect of the system is tested. Your tech will ensure that the machine performs, looks and sounds the way it is supposed to. Our tests every single performance subsystem goes through its own "techie test".

Customer Support

No matter the plan chosen, our company strives to help its customers with their technical problems Our technical staff is always available for help no matter when you bought the system or what the problem is. By choosing one of our custom systems you are ensuring a worry-free computer which will last, customer satisfaction really is our main priority.

Bquick can make custom PC affordable, don't settle for the off the shelf PC from the big guy stores when you can get a custom built PC for less.

Custom Gaming PC

Intel or AMD with SLI or CrossFire video platforms, our custom gaming systems will suite your needs. Whether you are a novice gamer looking to buy PC for a proper start in High-Definition Gaming or a pro-gamer looking for a gaming system to keep up with your skills, we got a machine for you.

Performance PC

Get your game on for less with our cost-efficient performance true HD Gaming machines equipped with either SLI or CrossFireX dual-graphics technology

Technological superiority for the last man standing. Faster-than-the-next-guy’s pre-overclocked (yet affordable) systems designed for both competitive gamers and lovers of extreme graphics quality

Custom LaptopCustom PC Builds by Bquick PC Repair

By custom laptop we mean we can order from our supplier just the features you want and need. Not a laptop off the shelf that is too much for you, too many bells and whistles. By buying only the features you need you can save a lot over retail.  After selecting the base platform, you can pretty build your own laptop from scratch, just the way you deem fit!

Used Laptops (when available) 

At times we have some refurbished used laptops. These units are often much quicker than a new laptop with the same specs since there isn't any bloat ware or any manufactor installed useless applications running in the background etc. We do our utmost best to ensure they are 100% solid and fully functional but due to the nature of the internal parts (age, previous use) we cannot warranty these items and so we price them much cheaper than most so you have less of a risk etc.