# BQuick PC Repair:FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - B Quick PC Repair
Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Does BquickPcRepair.com repair both PCs AND web sites?

Yes. We do both websites and PC Repairs, service and upgrades. We specialize in Virus and spyware removal in fact it all started in 2001 as a "Home Based Business" and grew from there.

Are you available nights and weekends? Bquick Pc Repair Fequently Asked Questions

Yes. By appointment.

How much does it cost to remove a Virus

Not to sound vague but it just depends on how long it takes us to remove it. Some viruses are quite nasty and take some time and some not long at all. The good news is we cap virus removal at no more than three hours. So if it takes us 5 hours to remove it you only  get charged for three!!

Do I need to live in the area to have a website done?

No. Often times we can handle everything we need  thru emails and phone calls

What areas does BquickPcRepair.com cover for repairs?

Most business in the area of Eastern North Carolina.This includes towns such as Raleigh, Knightdale, Clayton, Wendell, Zebulon, Smithfield and other close areas. That's NOT to say we won't go further than that we have and we will give us a call

Can I just buy a block of hours?

Yes, if you have recurring needs that you would like to take care of as inexpensively in possible, please contact us for pricing. We can handle block hours or monthly service contract agreements to meet your needs.

Can you set me up with software that I purchased?

Bquick FAQ

If you've paid for it and have the license key, sure! Some programs are freeware and BquickPcRepair.com uses those as often as possible and will guide you to those, but please don't ask us to pirate stuff for you.

Can you help get our Wii or XBox connected?

Sure. It's not our main focus but game consoles like the Wii use some of the same cables and such as a pc.

Do you work on printers?

Yes is the short answer. In fact we are partnered with Rapid Refill here in Raleigh in the unlikely event that we can't figure it out or get it working correctly they sure can.

BquickPcRepair.com how long have you guys been around?

Yes. BquickPcRepair.com was started in Youngsville, NC in 2001. We haven't moved to Wake Forest for customer convenience more  than anything else. Wake Forest is just a stones throw away from where it all started.

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