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Wednesday, February 01, 2023
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B Quick PC Repair offers data recovery services to Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.

Raleigh Computer Repair Hard Drive Services
We will test your hard drive and give you a quote on recovery options. More pricing is below.

We can often recover data from a drive if the partitions have disappeared, if it has been attacked by a virus.

Even if other shops have told you the data is gone there is still a good chance we can recover the data using the latest software recovery tools.

Sometimes data can be recovered without extensive recovery options.

If we are able to recover the data in house, we charge a flat fee of $50 hr, avg 1 hr for the recovery. We will back your data up on a flash drive and restore once the hard drive is fixed.

If your hard drive's head has crashed and it grinds, the grinding sound is the data being wiped out. Unfortunately, these drives are often totally unrecoverable due to the physical damage the platters that store data.

Please visit our contact us page by clicking here for more information, or call 919-728-0618. We are in Wake  Forest, Franklinton and Brier Creek Shopping Center.